Sunday, February 27, 2011

Watch Red Riding Hood Online Free Movie

Watch Red Riding Hood Online Free Streaming - The horror film Red Riding Hood (2011) story centered on a beautiful young woman torn between two men named Valerie played by Amanda Seyfried. Valerie is inlove to Peter played by Shiloh Fernandez, a brooding outsider. But her parents have arranged her to marry Henry played by Max Irons, a wealthy man. Valerie and Peter won’t lose each other so they decided to run away and landed in the dark forest surrounding tehir village where Vallerie’s older sister was killed by a werewolf. For years, the people have maintained an uneasy truce with the werewolf, offering the beast a monthly animal sacrifice. But under the blood red moon the beast wants to take a human life. The people are hungry for revenge so they call Father Solomon, an expert in killing werewolf to help them kill the beast. But Father Solomon warns that the werewolf who take human by day could be anyone of them. Until Valerie suspect that the beast could be someone she loves and not only that because she discovers that she has a unique connection to the beast.

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